About Us

We recognize the growing need for safe and efficient transportation solutions in the medical community. Families want to make sure their loved one travels safely while their health conditions are not in the best state. Healthcare professionals too want to see to it that their patients are well-cared for and comfortable after hospital discharge or on their way to a care facility. At Oasis Medical Services Transportation, we want the same thing – for you to travel as comfortably and as securely as can be.

Oasis Medical Services Transportation is a privately-operated and managed medical transportation services provider. We have served the Illinois community for a great length of time, each year we learn even more how to serve our clients’ needs.

The degree of experience and expertise we now hold is attributed to the dedicated team members who man our vehicles, organize trips and manage our dispatch center. We work together to provide the quality medical transportation solutions that our company has now become widely recognized for. We hope that you will give Oasis Medical Services Transportation the trust and confidence to serve you or your loved one.

Thank you for choosing Oasis Medical Services Transportation!


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